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Vlad Tepes Dracul by netro32
Vlad Tepes Dracul
The newest member to the Overlords....the legendary man to have become the monster Dracula.  His mythos is not different to his real life story, but the only thing is that he ate the fruit, which explains the strange accounts of his mysterious powers.
DX Kurokage and Knuckle Lockseed Set by netro32
DX Kurokage and Knuckle Lockseed Set
I FINALLY GOT THEM.  My collection is complete. Unless I really want Gold, Silver and 15...which I dont.
FF14 TBM Logo by netro32
FF14 TBM Logo

Final Fantasy XIV: Tales of a Blackmage is a comedy story of Makoto, the young Miqo'te Blackmage, who plays A realm reborn and stumbles onto an unusual mystery within the game.  Tagged a long with random players and the Free Company known as Dusk, Makoto goes on a journey searching for  the mysterious "Crystal Barer Gear."

The Crystal Barer Gear is a set of magical crystals that when attached to the proper item slot, become a game altering item.  These items we're created by Producer and Director, Yoshi P.  The reason as to why, is unknown, but rumors have it that each item alter the game play, unlocking the other story behind FF14.  The only thing that is known about the set is, the items are very rare and are scattered across the servers.  Making the stories more obscure.

Makoto is one of the few Crystal Barer users, whose hat makes him look more like a Blackmage than the other gear in the series.  His hat, known as Meteor Cap, has the strange ability of talking to him about random stuff.  It also grants super casting abilities.
So I watched Drive early this morning around 2ish my time and I can only say is hmm.  Drive pulls from what most of us remember as Climax-Deca concept.  Drive in my opinion, just from the first episode, is already pulling too many queues from prior series: Den-O's goofy characters with a very strict female companion, Kiva's monster mystery along with driver that is very reminiscent of Kivat, while the driver itself pulls heavily from Gaim's concept and the shift car's tires take queues from the fruit armors.

Is this a bad it isnt; look at OOO, it pulled heavily from prior other concepts performed by pre-Decade series.  What do I think of Drive; not much to be honest.  The rider design does not catch my attention because it doesnt feel right, and Im not talking about the huge tire on the chest, that is okay.  Drive design is based heavily off the preconception of a fast car/ racing car:  Red, sleek, and white racing stripes.  Unfortunately for me I would have liked a different color scheme because you have Kuuga, Ryuuki, Kabuto, and most of all Accel who have used red as a solid color that I feel doesnt make him stand out in a crowd.

Coolest thing about Drive:

RIDER KICK!!!!!!  Though lets be honest we wont see it done like that again...kind of like Wizards original kick strike on episode 1.  You never see it as epic as episode 1.

Gaim to Drive:

From the get go, you know that Drive is really in his whole different continuation, but to Toei, they do not view it that way, at least Franchise wise.  How would I go about tying them together that would make sense.  From the start, you see that the events to Drive are on a global scale, which happening at the same time as Gaim, could easily overwrite the world perception of worrying about 1 cities mistakes to, wake up world we are in trouble.  Which would explain why at the end of Gaim, nothing seemed to have happened to Takatora and I guess to some extent Yggdrasil, because if you were held accountable for such an event by the world, you wouldn't be walking so easily.


Uh- yes.  I like the shift cars, mainly because they act independently to some extent, though heavily borrowing from the disc animals in my opinion. Though my shift cars are going to have more details on them...just saying.
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Yo! I'm Pablo and I love art. I enjoy doing may things as artistically possible. Most of the time I am working on Photoshop, designing something.

Current Residence: College Station, San Antonio
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Favourite photographer: J. Keithan
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Wallpaper of choice: Cyber Blue
Favourite cartoon character: Amuro Rey, Kamile Bidan, Garrod Ran, Loran Cehack
Personal Quote: "Death is nothing to fear, living is all that matters."

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